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Histoire Henri Moroni

This site is dedicated to all our clients and friends, lovers of our great Burgundy wine. A passion which has lasted over sixty years.


In the thirties Henri Moroni was eager to bottle and commercialize his own wine. At the time, all wine growers sold their production to the local “House of Beaune wines”.
With a view to the success he decided to found his own wine house in 1940, which enabled him to satisfy the needs and meet the demands of all his customers.
In 1946 his widow decided to carry on her husband´s adventure. Mrs Moroni worked hard for the reputation of her estate until 1982.
During the last 12 years she collaborated with Marc Jomain, who she handed over her wine estate to.
Today Marc Jomain´s children, Catherine, Philippe and Christophe run the company and continue the family tradition.

Our vineyards

We cultivate 9 hectares of vineyards at Puligny-Montrachet of which 4 hectares produce a white Chardonnay 1° and grand cru well reputed throughout the world.
Bourgogne Aligoté, Bourgogne Chardonnay, Puligny-Montrachet Blanc, 1° Cru Les Pérrieres, LesRefers, Les Combettes, Les Pucelles, Batard-Montrachet grand cru.
Like our predecessors, we select the grapes at the vineyards.After the maturation the wine is bottled and exported to our clients, who desire to acquire a product of quality and tradition.

The maturing

This period follows the vinification, where the wine matures before being bottled.
After fermentation we age it in oak barrels. The barrels must be kept full during this period. We rack the wine every three months. This technique helps to separate the clear wine from the lees naturally.

The Bottling

Usually done before the harvest in September. This is the ultimate end of all work processes,
that started with pruning the previous year.
Every bottle carries our brand name, that guarantees quality. Our clients are sure to receive a wine that reflects the typical quality of each soil and the character of our house.

The distribution.

The distribution is always secured directly from our cellar. The house, situated in the middle of the village, is open to visitors throughout the whole year.
We dispatch to the whole of France and to the European community. As well as the traditional methods, telephone, fax and internet enable you to order online.
We gladly provide a catalogue giving you information on all our products.
We invite you to visit and enjoy our site.